How to Shop Around for a Better Electricity Deal?

Laws around electricity pricing in southeast Queensland have changed Different retailers in south east Queensland can now charge different prices for your electricity. This means you should shop around to see if you are on the best electricity deal for your circumstances.

How do you shop around for a better electricity deal?

1. Look at your electricity bill and usage

  • Check you are receiving any benefits/rebates you may be entitled to i.e. Queensland Rebate

2. Call your current retailer

  • Tell them you are shopping around and ask if they can offer you a better deal. Don’t ask once, ask twice!

3. If you would like to compare offers between different retailers, contact Energy Made Easy

  • This is the Australian Government’s free, independent service, all available offers 11
  • 1are shown and no commissions are paid to retailers. Phone Energy Made Easy on 1300 585 165 or visit

What are your rights when dealing with your electricity retailer?
Electricity retailers must provide:

  • Fair contracts with clear terms and conditions so you can fully understand any electricity offer
  • Printed material or a one page summary of their offer (an Energy Price Fact Sheet and written product disclosure statement)
  •  At least 10 business days’ notice of prices changing and 20 days’ notice of discounts expiring
    A bill every 3 months with clear information on it, including how your electricity usage compares with other households in your area
  • Flexible payment options and hardship programs that provide assistance such payment plans, energy efficiency advice or waiving late payment fees if you are having difficulty paying your bill

Retailers cannot:

  • Charge more than a $20 exit fee to switch retailers
  • Charge you up front for meter tests
  •  Ask for security deposits

If you change your mind after you agree to a new contract, you have a cooling-off period of 10 business days to cancel the new contract without penalty. You have a right to fair and honest dealings with your retailer. They must tell you of your right to complain if you have problems with their service. Like all businesses, energy retailers, must comply with laws around advertising and marketing. There are also specific rules that door-to-door and telephone salespeople must follow. Retailers must maintain a ‘no contact’ list so that you can request that their salespeople do not visit you at home. (Source: Australian Energy Regulator

You can also register your phone numbers on the Do Not Call Register to reduce the number of unwanted telemarketing calls you receive from within and outside of Australia. To register for this free service, call 1300 792 958.

Note: this does not prevent you from receiving calls from registered charities, scam calls or SMS marketing to your mobile phone.

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