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24 Nov        National plan needed to address national housing stress

10 Nov       Rights of older people under the microscope at the UN

20 Oct      Older Australians Welcome Increased Consumer Protections And Improved Financial Advice But Better Retirement Income Regime Still Awaits 

9 Sept        Wellbeing of older Australians now ranked 17th in the world 

7 May        Pension Indexation Safe- Proposed New Pension Changes On A Much Better Path – But Full Retirement Incomes Review Still Essentially 

6 May         Australia ranked 61st in the world on retirement incomes 

2 Apr         Taxation, superannuation and pensions need comprehensive review

23 Feb      Greater Attention to Quality In Aged Care Welcome 

16 Feb      Older Australians Welcome Lower Deeming Rates – But It’s Not A Pension Increase

10 Feb      Commitment to a community for all ages welcomed

04 Feb     Support for people with severe dementia related behaviours in aged care welcomed


31 Oct     Senate Inquiry recommends greater help for grandparents shouldering responsibility for primary care of grandchildren

01 Oct      Australia ranked 61st in the world on retirement incomes

23 Sep     Older Australians call on Senate to protect the pension

04 Sep     COTA calls for blueprint for ageing Australia

21 Aug     Older Australians launch campaign to protect the pension

18 Aug     Seniors health to worsen under PBS co-­‐payment

22 July     COTA Australia’s National Policy Forum at the National Press Club in Canberra today, on the theme ‘Making an Australia for all ages -­ What’s the plan?’

21 July     COTA Australia responds to announcement that Discrimination Commissioners to be employed in part-time capacity

15 July     Older Australians left vulnerable to conflicted financial advice

14 July      Older Australians call on Senate to vote down financial advice regulations that wind back consumer protections

20 June     Wind-back of FoFA protections still threatens future of financial advice industry and older Australian’s assets and incomes

15 June     World Elder Abuse Awareness Day highlights urgent need for national support for prevention of abuse

20 May      Removing ban on commissions for financial advice bad for older Australians

15 May      COTA Response to Budget 2014 (PDF)

15 May      Deputy PM must apologise for outrageous slur on Australian pensioners

13 May      Budget 2014: Pensioners in the Firing Line (PDF)

13 May      Budget 2014: Older Australians will be worse off (PDF)

May           Response to the National Commission of Audit (PDF)

24 Apr       Poll: 7 in 10 Australians oppose increase to pension age (PDF)




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