Council on the Ageing (COTA) provides its members with the chance to belong to an organisation that works with them and for them .

Our members participate in various programs and events, and are provided with opportunities to improve their lifestyle and well-being and to increase their participation in the community. We also help raise awareness of the contributions that older Australians continue to make. Click here to see what’s happening at COTA in your state or territory.

COTA provides opportunities for members to directly contribute to the identification of issues and the development of policy and it undertakes research to seek their views to bring about change.

We ask our members “what makes a better life for you?” and then we act on that information.

When you become a COTA Member you will also receive a range of benefits to thank you for your support.

COTA members receive a personalised membership card providing access to The COTA Rewards and Savings Program, which incorporates The Ambassador Card – Australia’s premier member benefit program. This provides a wide range of benefits and services, which saves them money and improves their well-being.


In addition to individual membership, we have a great organisational membership.

What we do: 

For 60 years COTA Queensland has been advancing the rights, needs and futures of people as we age.

We strive to influence government legislation and policies and help shape community attitudes towards ageing and older people.

We help foster social change by providing leadership and expert advice on ageing issues, working with other peak agencies and Councils on Ageing across Australia and sister organisations around the world.

We recruit, train and develop older people as volunteer peer educators and community ambassadors to work with us to inform and be informed about issues affecting the quality of life of people as they age in Queensland.

Utilising the WHO Active Ageing Policy Framework, COTA Queensland advocates for age-friendly policies in health, security, participation and life-long learning.

We develop evidence-based policy positions through consultation with members and stakeholders. We participate in networks, forums and advisory groups to contribute to a better understanding of ageing.

As the seniors peak, we input into the development and implementation of government  policies, programs and priorities for older people; disseminate information about initiatives for older people, and we work with non-government organisations to build capacity to deliver quality services to older people.

As a member you will receive:

• Invitations to policy briefing sessions
• A monthly e-newsletter
• ONECOTA a quarterly national magazine
• Discounted access to COTA events
• Access to list your events on COTA Queensland’s calendar

You will be able to contribute to our work including:

• Information exchange
• Policy development
• Service development

For more information email or call 1300 738 348 (Within Queensland)  or  (07) 3316 2999.


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