COTA Queensland writes submissions to Government to influence their policies and programs.  Many submissions are in response to consultation papers, parliamentary or law reform inquiries, as well as discussion papers on issues affecting people as they age. The following are recent submissions made by COTA Queensland:

Time for an Age-friendly Queensland Priorities for the new State Government (March 2015)

Energex re Network Tariff Reform Discussion Paper (March 2015)

Election Priorities 2015  (January 2015)

Safeguarding Vulnerable Seniors from Natural Disasters Forum Report (August 2014)

Letter to Minister for Communities re Seniors Card work-test (September 2014)

Response to Social Services Investment Framework (April 2014)

Subsidies and Services Survey Report (June 2014)

Reply from Premier re concessions  (June 2014)

Letter to Premier re NPA concessions  (May 2014)

AEMC re National Energy Retail Amendment (April 2014)

Supporting Older people in the State Budget 2014-15 (January 2014)

Draft 30 year electricity strategy (December 2013)

Achieving Sustainable Seniors Housing  (December 2013)

Minister for Energy & Water Supply (April 2013)

Letter to Minister for Housing (February 2013)

Budget Submission 2013-14 (February 2013)

Building an Age-friendly Queensland  (February 2013)

Taxi Subsidy Scheme review (January 2013)

Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (January 2013)

Count us in!  (December 2012)

Review of the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (September 2012)

Election 2012 (March 2012)

Redlands Housing Strategy 2011-2031 Response (February 2012) 

Residential Parks- Strategies for Encouraging Alternative Manufactured Home Sites in Queensland (February 2012) 

Retirement village closures (January 2012) 

Summary of Ageing and Discrimination Seniors Week Forum (December 2011)

Seniors’ Road Safety Statement (November 2011)


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