Seniors Peak Service

In January 2014 COTA Queensland (COTAQ) was selected to play an important role in representing the interests of older people across the state. Former Communities Minister Tracy Davis said COTAQ would receive $375,000 over three years through an innovative Government partnership, the Seniors Advocacy and Research Initiative.

This funding enables COTA Queensland to help build the capacity of non-government organisations to deliver quality services for older people; improve the dissemination of information on Queensland Government initiatives for older people; and provide input into the development and implementation of policies, programs and priorities for older people across Queensland.

COTA Queensland, as the Seniors Peak Service, works with other groups to gather, collate and disseminate relevant information to influence decision makers about the diverse needs of Queensland’s ageing population. COTA Queensland also receives Government funding to collaboratively plan, run and subsidise Seniors Week events and activities across the state.

Here are links to some of the reports from 2014 of what seniors have been telling us:

Brisbane Forum – March 2014

Townsville Forum – June 2014

Survey results – subsidies and services for seniors

If you or your organisation would like further information about the Seniors Peak Service, please contact Mark Tucker-Evans on or telephone 1300 738 348.

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