QLD Seniors’ Views on QLD Government Service Provision

In 2016 an estimated 712, 372 Queenslanders were aged 65 and over – this
represents 14.7% of Queensland’s total population. By 2036, it is projected one in five
Queenslanders will be aged 65 and over (QGSO, 2015).

Queensland seniors utilise a broad of Queensland Government services and their lives are also effected by a range of government regulations.

The 2017 COTA Queensland Seniors survey invited senior Queenslanders to firstly provide their views on the three areas of Queensland Government activity that were most relevant to their daily lives. Seniors were then asked to express their level of satisfaction with each of the eighteen areas of Queensland government activity listed. Lastly respondents were then asked to choose the three areas of government responsibility that the Queensland government should prioritise for urgent attention.

This report was compiled from survey responses provided by 382 senior Queenslanders from across the state.

Affordable and appropriate housing was the area given the highest priority for the Queensland Government to act on. Affordable and appropriate housing was ranked highest across all Queensland regions, excluding Brisbane region.

The Brisbane region respondents gave equal priority to affordable and appropriate housing as well as energy and water costs. Survey respondents from across all three age groups ranked affordable and appropriate housing as the clear priority followed by energy and water costs.

At the state level the second priority area was energy and water costs although this was not consistent across all regions or age groups (refer Tables 6 and 7). The third priority for the Queensland Government at the state level was shared between energy and water costs and seniors’ concessions. There was some variation in this when viewed across the regions and by age groups refer Tables 8 and 9.

Access the Queensland Seniors Views on Queensland Government Service Provision report here. 

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