The project is a collaborative between the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) aimed at exploring and communicating positive experiences of ageing in the community.

The Face of Ageing project is about how we value and take pride in who we are as we age, what we have achieved, and our aspirations for the future and our  goal is to challenge stereotypes of ageing and the ageing process and recognise the diversity of experiences as we age.

When it comes to older age, the broader media often depicts seniors in a way that is either overly positive or negative, thus missing the reality of the lived daily experiences of older adults.

Three Community Ambassadors – Zelda, Bob and David – worked as co-researchers, guided by researchers from QUT with COTA Queensland staff took photographs and conducted interviews to document the “Faces of Ageing” across their local communities of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Roma and surrounds. Ambassadors photographed and interviewed more than 20 community residents, endeavouring to better understand what brings most meaning to their lives as they age.

This exhibition visually represents what the Ambassadors found: the importance of meaningful relationships with friends, family and the broader community (Walking Together); the desire to cherish and embrace the present moment (The Time is Now); the importance of contributing to the lives of others through volunteering (Making a Difference); the value of diversity and of looking forward to the future (The Face of Ageing); and the sense that older age brings with it an opportunity both to deepen engagement with long-loved hobbies, and to take on new interests and adventures (Curious Endeavours).

The Faces of Ageing: through our lense Exhibition was launched on 10 October 2018  and was displayed for the community for three weeks in Sandgate Queensland travelling to the Maranoa region in June 2019.

Read our media release here.


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