Achieving Change

In order to advance the rights, needs and interests of people as they age, COTA Queensland strives to influence government legislation and policies, as well as community attitudes. Working with peak agencies and COTAs nationally, we facilitate social change by providing leadership and expert advice on ageing issues.

Our policies are based on improving the health, security and participation of older people and reflect the World Health Organisation’s Active Ageing framework and the United Nation’s Principles for Older Persons.

In particular, we work hard to ensure that our advocacy and policy activities:

  • are determined by older people in the interests of older people
  • are informed by the viewpoints of a diverse range of older people
  • are supported by quantitative and qualitative research
  • enable older people and their organisations to propose policy positions

As part of our advocacy work, we develop ongoing constructive relationships with an extensive network of stakeholders including Queensland government ministers, shadow ministers, public servants, local government and non-government agencies and provide representation on advisory committees and other appropriate forums.

The following principles underpin the development of our policies:

Policy Principle 1 – Maximise the economic, social and political participation of older Queenslanders

Policy Principle 2 – Promote positive views of ageing and challenge negative stereotypes

Policy Principle 3 – Promote interdependence and solidarity across generations

Policy Principle 4 – Redress disadvantage and discrimination

Policy Principle 5 – Protect and extend services and programs that are used and valued by older Queenslanders

To become involved in our policy work or to find out more, please email us at

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