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Some changes to how we work

One of the most important ways that organisations like ours and yours can prepare for situations like the COVID-19 pandemic is through a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). In line with COTA Queensland’s BCP, we have made some changes to the way we work.

This includes:

  • ·Staff working from home, communicating and collaborating virtually.
  • Minimising travel, including interstate travel.
  • Limiting larger face to face meetings and converting meetings to video where possible.
  • Limiting our involvement in public events and postponing planned public events that cannot be held virtually.

Aside from these changes we are all continuing our work as usual and we meet virtually on a regular basis. Our phones are forwarded, so you can be assured we are available as usual. We continue work on our State Election Statement along with our other roles and we continue to advocate for Queenslanders as we age, whatever the circumstances.


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