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The Advanced Breast Cancer Group

Supporting women with metastatic breast cancer for 21 years

The Advanced Breast Cancer Group is professionally led and free weekly support group designed to address the specific needs of women living with advanced breast cancer. They connect with women face to face in Brisbane and via teleconference throughout Queensland.

Women diagnosed with advanced breast cancer (also known as metastatic, or secondary cancer) deal with specific challenges in trying to understand and accept their diagnosis. Not least of all the feeling of incredible isolation and vulnerability. The group provides a safe space in which women with advanced breast cancer can come together to talk about their shared experiences. There are no topics or set agendas, instead the women talk about whatever they want or need to, from treatment and side effects, life and financial planning, to the impact on their families and ultimately how to really live with rather than die from a terminal illness. With this in mind, connection with the group early in the diagnosis is recommended.

The group is run by two group psychotherapists with over 21 years of experience working with women with advanced breast cancer.

To find out more,contact the Advanced Breast Cancer Group,, Pia Hirsch or Mary O’Brien on 07 3217 2988 or email

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