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Brain Health Tips

Research shows that a third of dementia cases could be avoided or delayed by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Here are some brain-healthy ideas for the New Year.

Get Active – Physical exercise encourages blood flow to the brain and new brain cells to grow.  It also lowers your risk for conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and depression which can impact brain health. Australia’s national guidelines recommend at least 30 minutes of daily activity .

Try Something New – What is something you have always wanted to do or try? Learning a new hobby, language or skill can build new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them.

Socialise – For maximum impact, can you combine the above two with other people? Socialising stimulates large parts of the brain and may help build a brain reserve or “backup” that copes better with ageing.

For more, visit the StepUp for Dementia Research website.

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