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UQ moves to become an Age-friendly university

Since 2007, COTA Queensland has been advocating for Age-friendly communities  – but did you know there are also Age-friendly universities?

The University of Queensland has now begun its journey towards formally joining the Age-friendly University global network.

The AFU network consists of institutions of higher education around the globe who have endorsed the 10 AFU principles and committed themselves to becoming more age-friendly in their programs and policies. Since launching its 10 Age-friendly Principles, 50 universities in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia have formally joined the network.

UQ’s journey towards joining the network is being led by Professor Nancy Pachana, clinical Geropsychologist in the School of Psychology at UQ. Progress will be summarized on the Age-friendly University update page of the UQ Ageing Mind Initiative:

We will keep you posted on opportunities to contribute!

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2 Responses to UQ moves to become an Age-friendly university

  1. A great move. However, there is one principle missing and that is to for the University as an employer itself to become an age-inclusive employer. There are so many ways in which universities as employers could be leading the way.

  2. Nancy A Pachana says:

    Hi Geoff and thanks for the comment.

    While this is not an explicit principle as outlined by the AFU consortium, at UQ when we pursue this initiative we will be examining age-bias in hiring, and make sure we follow age-inclusive practices as an employer.

    We are also looking at employee retirement programs.

    All of the above applies to all staff at UQ, academics and non-academics.

    Thanks so much for your comment and I look forward to keeping COTA members updated!

    Best regards, Nancy Pachana

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