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Queensland’s Human Rights Act now in force

The Queensland Human Rights Act came into force on January 1st. Commencement of the Act means public entities have a specific obligation to act and make decisions compatible with human rights. An organisation or department is defined as a public entity if it delivers services on behalf of the Queensland Government. The Human Rights Act protects 23 human rights:

    • recognition and equality before the law;
    • right to life;
    • protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment;
    • freedom from forced work;
    • freedom of movement;
    • freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief;
    • freedom of expression;
    • peaceful assembly and freedom of association;
    • taking part in public life;
    • property rights;
    • privacy and reputation;
    • protection of families and children;
    • cultural rights—generally;
    • cultural rights—Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders;
    • right to liberty and security of person;
    • humane treatment when deprived of liberty;
    • fair hearing;
    • rights in criminal proceedings;
    • children in the criminal process;
    • right not to be tried or punished more than once;
    • retrospective criminal laws;
    • right to education; and
    • right to health services.

The newly established Queensland Human Rights Commission, which replaces the Anti-Discrimination Commission, will administer the new Human Rights Act. For more information about the Human Rights Act 2019 and the Queensland Human Rights Commission visit

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