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Changes to the ways that Queensland communities are designed

New residential developments in Queensland will soon need to include more footpaths and trees, shorter blocks, and nearby parks and open spaces under changes being progressed by the Queensland Government. The revised model code is expected to come into effect in the first half of 2020. The five mandatory neighbourhood design elements being introduced are:

  • An average of one tree every 15 metres on both sides of all streets
  • Footpaths on at least one side of residential streets and both sides of main streets
  • Each lot is within a five-minute walk (approx. 400 metres) of a local, district or regional park or other open space area
  • Maximum block lengths of 250 metres
  • Connected street patterns that respond to the landscape of local areas

Further consultation will now take place with industry and local government to finalise the technical aspects of how mandatory elements of the model code will be implemented.

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