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Smart Ticketing

COTA Queensland is a member of the Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Accessibility Reference Group. TMR has started the process of replacing the existing go-card system with a new ‘smart ticketing’ solution.

The TransLink Ticketing Project team invited members of the TMR Accessibility Reference Group  to participate in a one-on-one sessions to review and provide feedback on the preliminary designs of one component of the new ticketing infrastructure, i.e., the ticket validators.

Some issues that COTA Queensland emphasised at these sessions were:

  • The need to make the ticket validators highly visible and readily identifiable, including for people with vision impairment, mobility issues, etc.
  • Making the ticket validators as user-friendly as possible, including height screen access, angle, lighting, etc.
  • Ensuring that the validators comply with relevant disability standards.
  • Ensuring that the ticket validators follow the principles of universal design.
  • Braille and audio functions should be included.
  • The proposed ticket validator needs to be ‘road-tested’ further with relevant user groups.

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