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Supporting Queenslanders in living and dying well

COTA Queensland continues to work closely with Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ) to better understand the needs of Queenslanders as they age.

The aim of the collaboration is to utilise the strengths, knowledge and experience of each organisation to promote supports available to Queenslanders to live and to die well.  The number of people aged over 65 in Queensland will increase significantly over the next 20 years and many people experience barriers accessing the appropriate support services when they need them.

The PCQ Good Life Good Death Expo held in Brisbane during December provided opportunities to continue conversations around loss, ageing, dying and to showcase services, supports and resources related to end of life.

Attendees at the Expo contributed to our wisdom tree, assisting us to better understand:

  • what interests people and gives their life meaning as they age
  • where they go to get support and
  • who/what has helped them or people they know to get the supports they need.

This information informs our policy, advocacy and community education through further understanding both the formal and informal support systems in people’s lives, as well as what is important to people as they age.

The wisdom tree used to engage with people at the Good Life Good Death Expo.


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