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Human Rights Act for Queensland

A Human Rights Act Will help to create a fair, just and equal society for everyone.  When human rights are protected by law they help to ensure that we are all treated fairly, and with dignity, equality and respect.

“Older Queenslanders deserve to have their human rights upheld, be valued and respected in our society. Particularly those who may have declining health and cognitive abilities” said COTA Queensland Chief Executive Mark Tucker-Evans.

So what is it? 

A Human Rights Act is about the relationship between government and people. By introducing a Human Rights Act the Queensland Government is binding itself to a commitment to protect, respect and fulfil human rights.

Protections offered by a Human Rights Act will also have relevance for particular groups of people- including older people.

Find out how a Human Rights Act could assist older an older person here.

How does it work?

The Human Rights Act preserves parliamentary sovereignty.  Nothing in the Act changes the parliament’s ability to pass law. When laws limit people’s rights parliament has an obligation under the Act to justify the limitation. In their interpretation of laws courts cannot deviate from parliament’s intentions.

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