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On the queue for home care?

As part of the recent My Aged Care system changes, the Federal Government will start sending ‘readiness’ letters to people who are waiting on the national queue for a Home Care Package.  This letter is targeted at those people who have been assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) as eligible to receive a home care package, but are waiting for a Home Care Package to become available.

Readiness letters will be sent out around three months before a Home Care Package is expected to become available for the person.

The aim of the letter is to advise people to start getting ready to receive their home care package by:

  • researching service providers
  • contacting My Aged Care to opt-out of the queue if they are not actively seeking a home care package at the time they receive the letter
  • arranging an income assessment through the Department of Human Services to know what they might be asked to pay.

An additional letter will be sent when the person’s package has become available, notifiying the person they have been ‘assigned’ a home care package and providing them with a unique package referral code specific to them.

Once the package has been assigned, people will have 56 days with an option of a 28-day extension to select their provider, before their package is withdrawn.

To find out more about the process from assessment to receiving a home care package, including expected wait times and what to do while waiting for a home care package to become available, visit the My Aged Care website. 



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