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National Palliative Care Standards 5th Edition

The National Palliative Care Standards (Edition 5) have been updated following consultation with the palliative care community and other stakeholders.

The National Palliative Care Standards (the Standards) clearly articulate and promote a vision for compassionate and appropriate specialist palliative care. The Standards recognise the importance of care that is person-centred and age-appropriate; and which pays particular attention to the needs of people who may be especially vulnerable or at risk.

There is increasing recognition that caring for people who are approaching and reaching the end of life is everybody’s business; and that everybody in health, aged and social care has a role to play. The Standards have been designed to complement other standards in health, aged and social care systems.  A mapping of the Palliative Care Standards against these standards has been undertaken and is included in the National Palliative Care Standards document.


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