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2017 State Election Priorities

Making Queensland Age-Friendly

2017 COTA Queensland State Election Priorities

Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland is the peak body for Queensland seniors, advancing the rights, needs and futures of older Queenslanders since 1957.

COTA Queensland aims to help create a more just, equitable and caring community in which older people are actively involved and have access to appropriate support, services and care. These principles are consistent with the World Health Organisation (WHO) age-friendly communities approach.

COTA Queensland celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2017 and now represents 718,000 seniors over 65 years of age whose usual place of residence was within Queensland. Seniors in 2016 comprised 15.3 per cent of the total Queensland population. 42 per cent of seniors lived within the Greater Brisbane region and 58 per cent of seniors resided outside of Greater Brisbane.

By 2036, it is projected one in five Queenslanders will be aged 65 and over. COTA Queensland has been advocating for an age-friendly Queensland since the World Health Organisation initiated the concept in 2005. An age-friendly community is where older people are valued, respected and actively engaged in their community. They can stay in touch with people they care about and find the services and support they need. Age-friendly communities are more liveable for everyone, enabling people of all ages to actively participate in community life.

COTA Queensland strongly encourages all candidates to consider the recommendations detailed in the our 2017 State Election Prioritises to ensure that older Queenslanders receive more effective support from the incoming Government as part of a more age-friendly Queensland.

These recommendations include:

  • Making Queensland more age-friendly
  • Improved housing for seniors
  • Health provision improvements
  • Transport initiatives for seniors
  • Concessions and seniors
  • Energy initiatives for seniors
  • Digital Inclusion for seniors
  • Mature age employment

Access and download the 2017 COTA Queensland State Government Election Priorities here.

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