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Aged Care Reforms Update: New Resources

The Department has released some new/revised resources following the changes to Home Care Packages on 27 February 2017

Your guide to home care package services

This booklet explains how older people with a range of higher care needs can access support in their home, through a coordinated Home Care Package. Translations and printed copies are available.

Your pathway to accessing a home care package brochure

This brochure provides older Australians and their families or carers with the information to understand where they are in the pathway to accessing home care and the steps and actions needed to move from one stage to the next.

Another new brochure – From home support to aged care homes: how to get started with My Aged Care

This brochure provides an overview of services available and how to access them. It is for people who have not yet contacted My Aged Care or been referred for assessment.

Note: for someone who doesn’t yet know what type of care they may be eligible for, the ‘From home support to aged care home: how to get started with My Aged Care’ brochure is more suitable.

The following booklet remains the same and is useful for people in understanding Residential Aged Care. Five steps to entry into an aged care home.

This booklet aims to help older people, their families and carers understand how to access care in an aged care home. This is useful for people who have already been assessed for residential care.



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