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Queensland an Age-friendly State

Let’s all contribute to making Queensland an Age-friendly State!

In 2016 and estimated 712, 372 Queenslanders were aged 65 and over – this represents 14.7% of Queensland’s total population. By 2036, it is projected one in five Queenslanders will be aged 65 and over.

COTA Queensland has been advocating for an Age-friendly Queensland since the World Health Organisation initiated the concept in 2005.

What does it mean to have an Age-friendly community?

An Age-friendly community is  where older people are valued, respected and actively engaged in their community. They can stay in touch with people they care about and find the services and support they need. Age-friendly communities are more liveable for everyone, enabling people of all ages to actively participate in community life.

Included in an Age-friendly community is:

  • Accessible and user-friendly spaces and places for older people
  • Access to a range of affordable and use-friendly transport services
  • Affordable, accessible housing close to transport and community services
  • Opportunities for older people to remain active and engaged through a range of affordable and accessible events and activities.
  • Older people from all backgrounds are valued and appreciated, and no one is excluded based on race, geography, culture, language, gender, sexuality, ability or socioeconomic status.
  • Older people participating in employment, training, lifelong learning, volunteering and informing government policies
  • Older people have access to information they need in a variety of formats to stay informed and connected with their communities, families and friends
  • Older people are helped to stay healthy, active and independent through community support and heath services, including services responding to elder abuse, fraud or exploitation.

If you are interested in knowing more about the movement for Age-friendly Cities and Communities,  contact COTA Queensland on 1300 738 348 or email

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