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Rules door-to-door salespeople must follow

When you deal with door-to-door salespeople, your rights are different from when you visit a store or shop online. This is because you did not seek out (‘solicit’) the business to buy from them. We call these types of sales ‘unsolicited consumer agreements’.

A door-to-door sale is unsolicited when: a business or their agent approaches you without your invitation. This is usually at your home but it can also happen in public places like the common area of a shopping centre the agreement involves a cost of more than $100, or has an undetermined price.

Door-to-door sellers must obey clear rules around:

  • contact hours
  • disclosure (what they need to say)
  • written agreements
  • cooling-off period

Door-to-door sellers must not approach any residence displaying a do-not-knock notice.  You can order your do not knock sticker here.

Door-to-door traders who don’t follow these rules are known as itinerant traders.

The following clip from our Australian Consumer Law film explains your rights if a door-to-door trader visits you.

You can make a complaint if they don’t follow these rules.

More information can be found here:

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