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Fact or Fiction?

Source: Marianne Wright COTA Queensland


More deaths occur from car accidents than from suicide.

This is fiction.  According to statistics from Lifeline, in 2012 twice as many people died from suicide than in road related deaths – 1,310 vs 2,535.  In fact, over the past several years , the average number of suicide deaths per year has been 2,415.

Youth suicide more often than other age groups

Fiction.  Statistics released by the ABS, based on 2012 data, indicate that the age group with the highest rate of suicide for both males and females were those who were aged 80 years and over.

There is nothing you can do for a person who is intent on suicide

Fiction.  Many people who are considering suicide think it is the only solution to their problems.  However, there IS help available, if only they knew where to turn.

You can help to prevent more suicides by attending one of COTA Queensland’s FREE “Suicide Awareness for Older  People” community education sessions, now being delivered in the Sunshine Coast and hinterland region.

If you’re a member of a social or community group, encourage the group’s organiser to seek more information about the topic or book a session by contacting Marianne Wright on (07) 3316 2905 or by email to

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