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COTA salutes its volunteers

National Volunteer Week 14-20 May


‘Every One Counts’

National Volunteer Week (NVW) is the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteering in Australia, and provides an opportunity to highlight the role of volunteers in our communities and to say thank you to the more than 6.4 million Australians who volunteer. 

COTA salutes its volunteers

COTA’s volunteers are highly valued members of our organisation.  Thank you to each and every one of you for your contribution!  Your time, energy, and professionalism are very much appreciated. 

Here is a showcase of two of our wonderful long-term volunteers: 




 One who offers services freely

(The Australian Oxford Dictionary) 



Golfers do it, Cricketers do it, Mums do it, Dads do it; Tuckshops to Community Banks are underscored by Volunteers. Hospitals, Olympics, Neighbourhood watch.

Very seldom will you hear “I am sorry I volunteered” except maybe for a Family re-union. For the most part people are proud and happy to volunteer, happy to say “I share in this undertaking”.

Being a COTA volunteer gives us an objective view of the vision and achievements of a large organisation, without the constraints experienced by Management and Staff.

Hours? We choose, Workload? We choose, Customers? ever grateful, Demarcation? non-existent, Redundancy? We choose, Salary? Priceless.

I have had the honour and pleasure of meeting with Centenarian volunteers, a delight to be with. Instead of having one foot in the grave get both feet into volunteering. 

Thankyou to COTA for affording me the opportunity to serve, thankyou especially COTA Queensland Team for allowing me to serve with you, and, thankyou to all my fellow  volunteers.

Bryan Spiller.








Sue Bowles

I joined COTA Queensland in 1999.  The office then was in Buckland Road, Nundah.  We were a small office with support, a library, computer classes and Project Officers.  Safe and Confident Living was important to us at that time as it still is. We were also involved with NESB (Non-English Speaking Background)  and CALD issues.  HACC was an important part of COTA Queensland and supported our endeavours, and still does.  We conducted forum and conferences to support various projects.

In the early 2000’s we saw a lot more development in COTA Queensland across the community of older persons and we became much more active in Policy and Advocacy and in doing that we have gained much strength and recognition within the community.

Involvement  in community work was something my Grandparents, my Mother and my brother along with our children have always done. Volunteering has become a way of life.  It has been most interesting, for me, to be able to see the years go by as COTA Queensland has  become recognised as a leader within the community of  older peoples  lives, and we continue to talk with State  and Federal governments  on all issues.

I have been able to follow my interests whilst volunteering and meeting people, stakeholders, staff all add to the pleasure of volunteering my time.


How to become a COTA volunteer

The COTA volunteer program enables members to take an active
part in their organisation and assist with its continued development. 

The volunteer program is designed to have a dual role.  It seeks to use the talents, combined experience and skills of our membership base while providing opportunities for volunteers to engage in tasks where they can develop new or existing skills and actively contribute to the organisation. 

All volunteers are provided with a comprehensive orientation program and training is provided on the specific program of area of work. 

We are seeking people to join our Peer Education program.

Contact the Community Education team  for further details  call 1300 738 348 (the cost of a local call within Queensland)



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