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Road Safety

As older people have unique and important concerns about road safety, COTA is involved in a range of road safety initiatives.

COTA Queensland is a member of the Queensland Government’s Older Driver Advisory Committee which provides the Minister for Transport with input into a review of older driver safety including crash involvement and current approaches. The Advisory Committee provides a perspective on older driver safety that reflects the views of older drivers, their families, medical practitioners, the community and Government agencies.

COTA Queensland is opposed to mandatory age-based driver testing and believes that the safety of all road users can be improved by:

  • adoption of a licence re-assessment procedure that is based on community referral of those considered at risk by doctors, pharmacists and community workers
  • supporting the transition to non-driving status through information, access and availability of appropriate public and community transport options
  • supporting age-friendly and nationally consistent road design standards related to clear signage, line markings, parking provision

We are seeking input on this issue from older people to ensure their needs are heard and conveyed through the Advisory Committee. To provide input or for further information, please contact COTA Queensland by calling 1300 738 348 (Toll free within Queensland) or (07) 3316 2999 or email 

Motorised scooters provide mobility when other forms of transport are not available and have become increasingly popular with older people.With this in mind, COTA has developed the Scooter Driver’s Guide, available here by clicking

If you are interested to gain a better understanding of road safety issues, please visit the Seniors Moving Safely website or contact COTA Queensland 1300 738 348 (Toll free within Queensland) or  (07) 3316 2999 or email

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