2016 Subsidy Guidelines

It’s on for young & old 

COTA Queensland coordinates Seniors Week on behalf of the Queensland Government. Both COTA Queensland and the State Government value the contribution older people have made – whether as volunteers or in the workforce, community leaders or carers, grandparents or advocates.

During Seniors Week 13 -21 August 2016, the wider community will have the opportunity to celebrate the contributions of older people and assist in building stronger relationships between older and younger Queenslanders.

Together with the Queensland Government this initiative supports the building of an Age-friendly Queensland.

What does Seniors Week aim to achieve?

Seniors Week aims to:

  • improve community attitudes towards older people and ageing;
  • facilitate community participation and activity by older people, including those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and
  • enhance community connections and inter-generational relationships.

What is a subsidy and how much can I apply for?

Seniors Week 2016 has a maximum of $100,000 to distribute in subsidies throughout the state of Queensland.  Community organisations and local councils can apply for up to $1000 to assist in the facilitation of Seniors Week events held between 13-21 August 2016 and in accordance with the guidelines. NOTE:  The 2016 Queensland Seniors Week subsidy awarded will not exceed 50% of the total cost of the  event. 

When can I apply?

Applications open 1 February 2016 and close 31 March 2016.

Eligibility criteria

All Applicants must:

  • Be a not-for-profit, community organisation or local council
  • Have satisfied the reporting requirements of the previous years Seniors Week Subsidy, OR
  • Be a first time applicant

Applicants must provide:

  • A complete Seniors Week 2016 Subsidy application
  • Public liability insurance certificate at time of submission
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) or a completed statement by supplier

How will applications be assessed?

Step 1: COTA Queensland checks your application to ensure it is eligible. Step 2: A panel consisting of a representative from COTA Queensland, the State Government and an impartial community organisation will: Assess and rank your application against the selection criteria, location of event, demographic spread and outcomes to be achieved. Step 3: COTA Queensland will notify all applicants in early May 2016 and distribute payments to successful applicants. What is the assessment criteria?

Your application will be assessed on the following:

  • What is the cultural and social outcome to be achieved
  • Is your event innovative
  • Can the event be developed into an ongoing program
  • Are you working collaboratively with other community organisations
  • Does your event involve people from Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Is the event intergenerational involving people of all ages in the community
  • Is the event open to the wider community

Reporting and acknowledgement requirements

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge the funding from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the support of COTA Queensland on ALL written, printed and digital materials and verbally at events.  Successful applicants are required to acquit funds received before 5 pm, Friday 30 September 2016.  Any unspent funds are to be returned by this time to COTA Queensland. 

Access the Seniors Week 2016 Subsidy Guidelines.


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