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International Conference on Age-friendly Cities – Dublin 2011

The first international conference on ‘Age-friendly Cities’ took place in Dublin from 28 to 30 September 2011. The conference was organised by the World Health Organisation’s Age Friendly Cities Network, in conjunction with the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) and Ireland’s Ageing Well Network.

The conference brought together a broad range of representatives from municipal authorities and governments, NGOs and community groups across the world. The conference programme was built around three themes: Social and Cultural Connectivity, Built Environment, and Building Momentum for the WHO Global Age-friendly Cities initiative. An exciting and stimulating array of speakers and workshops provided the opportunity to explore and share issues and developments in the Age-friendly Cities movement.

A highlight of the conference was the signing of the Declaration on Age-Friendly Cities (Dublin Declaration) by representatives of 38 cities.

Historic signing of the Dublin Declaration

By signing the Dublin Declaration the participating authorities demonstrated their commitment to action and progressing the principles that underpin the Age-friendly Cities movement:

  • promotion and support activities towards the establishment of age-friendly  environments
  • linkage with other cities in the network
  • awareness-raising on the needs and rights of older people
  • support for the positive contribution and active participation of older people in the different spheres of social life, and
  • ensuring an accessible, safe and  friendly built environment and services (public buildings and spaces, residential neighbourhoods, homes for the elderly, public transport, health services).

You can find out more and download the conference presentations at

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