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My Aged Care – Do you need a representative?

Last year two COTA Queensland Peer Educators participated directly in three national co-design workshops aimed at improving the My Aged Care system.

The recent My Aged Care system upgrades were informed by some of the recommendations from these workshops.  In particular the clarification and information around having or being a ‘representative’.

A representative is someone who can speak and act for you in communications with My Aged Care, if you give them your permission to do so.  More information on how to set up representatives and the different types of representatives is contained in the information below.

DO YOU NEED HELP to talk with My Aged Care?  

If you are an older person who would like a family member, carer or someone else you trust to talk to My Aged Care for you, you need to agree to them doing so. You can either agree to this each time you speak to My Aged Care, or you can nominate this person to be your representative.

For more information, go to the My Aged Care Website or phone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

Would you like to help someone talk with My Aged Care?

If you are a carer or family member or would like to help someone you know with My Aged Care and speak for them, you will need their consent to do so or legally be able to make decisions for them. For older people who are capable of giving consent, you can get this consent each time you speak to My Aged Care or you can be nominated as their representative.  For more information, including the My Aged Care Appointment of Representative form, go to or phone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422


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