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Gold Coast Elder Abuse Reference Group

Statistics obtained from the Elder Abuse Prevention Unit show an increasing number of elder abuse calls on the Gold Coast and a clear need to coordinate responses and resources available.

Through consultation with key stakeholders in 2016, the Gold Coast Elder Abuse Reference Group was established to discuss issues, provide information sharing opportunities, identify educational opportunities to improve awareness and, where possible, prevent abuse occurring and work collaboratively to improve responses to elder abuse.

To respond to more urgent cases a Rapid Response Unit (RRU) has been established  to discuss cases and identify potential opportunities for the older person to improve their situation.

To date, across Queensland, the Elder Abuse Prevention Unit Helpline has exceeded its phone targets for the year by 40%.

If you would like further information about the Elder Abuse Prevention Helpline please call 1300 65 11 92. If you live outside of Queensland you can contact the Helpline on 07 3867 2525.


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